Donna Lethal. (June 2, 2013). LA Girl: Tonya Watts: Last accessed 6/3/13.

I’ll admit right off the bat: I’m biased. I have a girl crush on Tonya Watts. Why wouldn’t I? She’s got beauty and talent (and a savvy line of beauty products, too, but I’m saving that for another post.) I recently caught Tanya at our mutual Jonny Whiteside’s Messaround and it struck me that she’s a perfect LA Girl, and I don’t mean because she was formerly Pamela Anderson’s body double on Barb Wire. LA Girl is all about busting stereotypes and that’s what Alabama-born, Sherman Oaks-resident Tonya does. Dumb blonde? Not. Talented? You bet. Whether singing, acting, or working with her charity, B. Love for the Homeless Foundation to donate socks to the homeless, Tonya is always up to something good. And she has her own line of cruelty-free beauty products (I’ll save that for another post.)

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