We are living in different times.We use to count calories now we are being forced to count chemicals. As a mother it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is safe to feed my child. The moment I think I have it somewhat figured out I learn more startling information. I know we can all only do the best we can but is that really enough? Why are all of these strange chemicals allowed to be in our food? It saddens me to great lengths that this is even an issue in our country. We have enough things to worry about as parents besides having to research and constantly stay on top of what is safe for our children and what is not. Let’s face it. Has anyone ever wondered why the safe organic nongmo food is so expensive? Who are the ones buying the safe food? The Rich? Yes! The single income families or families with more than one child cannot afford to eat Organic.I hear this all the time. It ¬†ignites a passion inside of me like no other. I have learned over the years instead of getting mad about things do something about it with positive intentions. That is when I decided to turn my entire backyard into a garden.

I have spent the last three months turning my California Drought Stricken yard into five different gardens. I did not hire anyone to help me. I embarked on this venture all by myself. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew it was the right thing to do. As I began tilling my backyard with only a shovel it was not long until I had become a farmer. I was waking up at 7 am and coming in at 10 pm at night.I come from a long line of farmers. My grandfather who I called Paw Paw was a backyard farmer too. His backyard was a sight I never forgot as a child. As the days went on I started to feel a since of purpose that was bigger than me. I was visioning growing food for other lower income families who cannot afford to eat organic vegetables. Why should only wealthy people get the good stuff? No way, as the ice creme truck rides by a couple times a day. More ideas pop into my mind as I jump on the shovel with all 95 pounds breaking dirt. Maybe, I will buy an ice creme truck and go around selling organic Local Grown Vegetables to lower income areas. Maybe, my truck will still have ice cream but it will be organic ice cream. As the dirt under my finger nails became a regular thing at home, when I was not working in the yard or being a mom, I was tucked away studying gardening, composting, how to raise chickens. CHICKENS, what the heck? I had crossed over to the other side. Changes were taking root in my core and there was no turning back.Three months later I am picking our food from our garden. I am composting, recycling, and raising three baby chickens named Malibu, Magnolia, and Topanga. My daughter is getting an education at home that is just as important as anything she can learn at school. Luckily, this adventure all started when she made me watch FOOD INC. She and I are learning and doing this together. She is my vessel of inspiration and for her I would grow the biggest garden in the world to make sure she gets the best quality of food this planet has to offer. As a mother that is my job! Our kids trust that what we feed them is safe. We too ate alot of food from dollar stores and I saw what it was doing to my health. We are on the road to recovery! Instead of wanting change, we are being the change! Instead of complaining about the state of our food system, we are taking control of our situation


Good Luck out there and be safe!

Tonya Watts


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