Congratulations to Tonya Watts for her Best Female Outlaw Nominee at this years Ameripolitan Music Awards!

News-Ameripolitan-ArtistHere is what you’ve been waitin’ for…
The Nominees for the 2014 Ameripolitan Music Awards!
Voting will begin one week from now, to give everyone time to review the list. Please take your time to listen to all the nominees, their creativity and talent that is what Ameripolian music is all about. You can click on each name to find out more about the artist or group and listen their music. You can also find out more about the Ameripolitan DJs, Venues, and Festivals through their links. Voting will begin on December 6th and will run until January 2nd. Check back here next Friday for a link to the official 2014 Ameripolitan Music Awards ballot. Now, your job is to get listenin’ and enjoy the music!

Check out the competition and be sure to vote for Tonya!